How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet
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How to Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet

Your shower head is leaking, and it actually is leaking at the faucets -which need the repairs. You will first have to shut off the water supply  that goes to the shower.

Then if you look carefully at the knobs on the hot and cold faucets, you will need a small knife to pop off the caps. (cover the drain so you don't loose any parts down the drain!)  With the caps removed you should see a screw that holds the handle on.  remove these screws and what you are looking at now are the 'stems'  these are screwed into the diverter valve assembly.  (No big deal!)  You will need a wrench to remove them -or a deep socket. Remember lefty loosy -righty tighty.  OK  once you get them out, there should be a rubber washer on the inside end of the stem.  These are held on with screws also.  They might be a little stubborn but they should come out ok.

Pop off the rubber washers.  NOW! and most importantly, INSPECT the rim of the stem for any nicks! If none are present all is well with that stage.  Next look at the other part of the stem, one part turns inside the other -unscrew them and look for a rubber o-ring... it should be replaced also.

Last item to check is what is called the 'seat'  Use your little finger and insert it into the hole, and slide it around the seat.  It should be smooth -without nicks or gouges.  If it is nicked it must be replaced also.  It can be removed with a screw driver (it's a square opening just insert a screwdriver with a square shaft, and use a crescent wrench to remove  -counter clock wise.

take the stems, o-rings, washers, screws, (and the seats if they need replaced) to a good hardward store and have them give you the parts you need.  PS put ALL the parts in a ziplock bag and you won't be looking under the seat of the car for them.

Once you have what you need simply replace all the parts in reverse order and you should be good to go!

Hope this helped, it seems like a daunting task, but with the right tools and a level head you can do it.

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Comments (1)
Robert Sansom

I replaced the following items on a leaking delta shower head hot/cold stems, diverter stem extension and the springs and gaskets but now the water pressure to the facets is low, what am I missing? Please advise!